Automation Now


Automation Now is the one-stop solution for all your system, hardware, and software needs.



Because of our ability to provide both products and services through many vendors for a wide variety of industries, Automation Now serves as a “one-stop” shopping source for your system requirements.

We work with you to identify the technology that is right for you, based upon your unique operating needs and budget constraints.

We design reliable systems based on the leading hardware architecture and software, chosen for reliability as well as ease of use and maintenance.

We perform the automation and integration of your systems, providing you with an efficient, customized solution to fit your needs.

Our systems incorporate expandability for future modifications and growth, without having to redesign your existing system.

Upgrades are performed at your local facility, maximizing convenience and minimizing downtime.

Products Include:
• Industrial computers

• Operator consoles

• Furnace control and heat treatment systems

• Sensor Alarm systems

• Emission monitoring and control systems

• Remote car wash management systems

• Networking

Other products include:

• Data Highways

• Wireless LANs

• Peripherals such as bar coders, printers, UPS’s and video

• Desktop and laptop computers

• Hardware and software upgrades

• SCADA systems

Contact Us for more information and pricing strategies to fit your business needs.

CO in H2 Product

Sulfur in Diesel

Sulfur in Diesel
Hydrocarbon in Hyrdrogen
Sulfide Analyzer System

Density of Feed Gas to Reformer

FCC Fuel Gas-H2S Analyzer System

Density of Feed Gas to Reformer


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