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About Automation Now


Knowledge, experience, and flexibility…

Automation Now is headquartered in Cypress, California, and comprises a team of experts with extensive experience in the design and installation of industrial monitoring and control systems for a wide variety of industrial applications.



Automation Now serves the following vertical markets:
Power generation and cogeneration

Environmental and emission control   Petrochemical analysis
Plastics   Marine applications
Pulp and paper   Car washes
Refining   Alarm systems
Heat treating v   Combustion

Automation Now supports these markets with an extensive variety of products and services, including Human-Machine Interface (HMI) programming, Programmable Logic Control (PLC) systems, industrial computers, and custom-designed operator consoles.

Automation Now has more than 25 years experience in system design and integration. Our expertise and leadership are making Automation Now a recognized name in Southern California and across the country.

Contact us to learn more or to speak with a company representative to discuss your manufacturing information needs.

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