Automation Now


Why Now ?

What do you need to know to improve your information about operations on your factory floor?

What information would help you manage your business and improve performance?

Automation Now can design and install information collection, integration, and analysis that is specific for your requirements. We’ll fully integrate our efforts with your existing plant floor environment. We’ll customize for your particular needs. We use up-to-date knowledge of the tools that are available. Choices that will be clearly explained. Expandability will be incorporated for future modifications and growth. You don’t need to tie up your staff with detailed training and implementation. You take advantage of Automation Now’s experience and ability to customize for your requirements
Automation Now can:

Automate your factory floor

Integrate islands of technology

Help optimize facility activities Automation Now will provide:

PLC programming
  HMI programming

Training, documentation and manuals

Computers, and internet conectivity

For productivity improvements and competitive advantages, Automation Now offers greater factory knowledge and operational data analysis designed specifically for your application. The benefits from an operating system is only a few weeks away

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